OTP Authentication

One Time Password Authentication with OATH OTP Tokens and Server

OTP Token deviceOne Time Password (OTP) is a well-known strong authentication method because it prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data or resources with restricted access on personal or network computers.

Today, the static passwords are seen as unsecure for IT administators. Tipically, a password is repeatedly used by an end-user or it can be written down on a piece of paper. From that point it can be very easily seen, copied and even stolen by unauthorized persons. On the other hand, One Time Password changes with every authentication request. In this case, using an OTP Token frees the end-user from memorizing a static password.

Fields of use for OTP Tokens

One Time Password solutions can be used in different fields of activity where the high-level security is a must. 

Financial industry
While the online banking systems are rapidly growing, the financial industry face a constant problem: how will the financial organizations offer their customers a security service given the fact that online fraud affects the users trust on online banking services?

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