Fields of use for OTP Tokens

One Time Password solutions can be used in different fields of activity where the high-level security is a must. 

Financial industry
While the online banking systems are rapidly growing, the financial industry face a constant problem: how will the financial organizations offer their customers a security service given the fact that online fraud affects the users trust on online banking services?

The (Feitian OTP Authentication System) FOAS Server provides with a two-factor authentication solution for financial industry. This solution offers comfort and trust for online services. Firstly, the FOAS server can be integrated within the existing IT system and can work with another authentication system. Integrating the OTP system doesn't need instalation on the user side. This is an advantage both for companies and end-users. On the other hand, using FOAS Server with OTP Token custom devices the financial organizations can gain the trust of their customers and a cost-effective solution for strong authentication.

Educational institutions (College, University)
Educational institutionsOver the years, the educational institutions were concerned of providing online services for students in a secure environment. Unregistered users shouldn't have access to those resources intended only for teachers and students.

FOAS Server provides with a two-factor authentication solution for the educational institutions and can solve the secure access problem. The registered students can authenticate in the system with an OTP Token. This solution includes the following benefits:

  1. The students don't have to memorize a static password which can be easily forgotten or stolen.
  2. There is a wide range of mobile and hardware tokens. For example, a token embedded in the smartphone (Mobile OTP) or a hardware token (OTP Tokens). The resources are better protected against unauthorized persons and against wrong use caused by password theft.

Medical institutions (Medical clinics & hospitals)
Medical institutionsThe medical companies are willing to provide professional health services to their patients. Each medical file has to be easily found and managed, but the unauthorized personnel shouldn't have access to all the confidential information. Allthough the online services provide an easy access and an efficient management sistem, the security access problem is not so easily solved.

The FOAS Server provides with two-factor authentication for the medical institutions and hospitals. By simply integrating the FOAS server into the IT architecture, the health organizations can define and manage the patients and staff access rights to confidential information without any modification into the existing IT system. The patients can access their medical files and results with an OTP Token being sure that aren't any unauthorized persons who could access their data. The medical staff can change and manage the medical data of their patients based on their access rights. The staff can sign the changes made on data. Like in other industries the FOAS server can be used with a wide range of token devices that allow SMS authentication, mobile OTP autentication or hardware OTP Token authentication.

Insurance companies
Inssurance companiesThe insurance companies have always encountered problems with their sales agents who work in the field and have to have access to centralized data. These data are stored on a server at the company's headquarters and must be accessed by the sales team who would want to insert, modify or delete certain customer data. However these data cannot be seen or accessed by unauthorized persons.

Dealing with this challenge, Feitian has introduced the FOAS solution for insurance companies. The sales representative of insurance companies can get easy access to customer information using a laptop or a mobile device connected to internet, but with higher security. Unregistered or unauthorized persons don't have access in the system. A sales representative can access the information through OTP Token authentication. The lost OTP Tokens can be reported and removed from the system. Through this process the FOAS solution allows insurance companies to grow their trust in providing the best services for their clients.

Internal security for companies

Usually, companies are put into these situations:

  • an employee lost his/her username and static password and shortly after that important information was stolen or copied by unauthorized persons
  • in business trips, the employees can connect to the company's server only through VPN a server terminal, dar there isn't a posibility to control if that connection is initialized by an authorized person.

In these cases is necessary to use an strong authentication solution. Firstly, the registered users can autenticate with static paswwords and One Time Passwords which together can provide a better protection.

Services like Outlook Web Acces (OWA) can be as easily protected. On the other hand, the employees can access remotely the company's resources with an OTP Token.

E-governmentThe e-government reffers to the process in which the government agencies provides with specific services to citizens or companies. This process can be made through informational technologies like Wide Area Networks, internet and mobile networks. During this process, the government agencies must:

  • provide confidential data, with personal or commercial content just for the registered persons
  • provide services only for authorized users
  • protect the population against identity theft

FOAS server enables two-factor autentication which is an ideal solution for government agencies and it easily integrates without any changes to the existent architecture. FOAS provides a comfortable authentication solution, but with high security through the additional authentication device – OTP Token. Using this additional authentication method confidential data are made available only to authorized users. The services and financial tranzactions will securily be made between the e-government server and the user. If the server's identity needs to be verified for user protection against phising attacks, the FOAS can provide authentication services on the server too.

Online games
Online gamesWhile the market of online gaming has rapidly grown, the sellers encountered a problem related to controling the acces to games posted on websites, especially when there is a big number of customers online. The traditional authentication with username and static password aren't used anymore. Dealing with this challenge, Feitian presented online games vendors a two-factor authentication solution. This authentication imply using an OTP Token which provides a dinamic password. With FOAS solution, the online games vendors can gain efficient control of the users access. FOAS can assure a complete comfort in controling the OTP Tokens. The authentication system provides an universal interface which allows full control over all types of OTP Tokens (mobile, SMS or hardware).

Electronic payments by smartphone
ePayments with a smartphoneThe mobile technology is rapidly growing. Every day the mobile devices have a great impact on our life. Nowadays systems which allow online payment through mobile telephone (smartphone) from any location are available. As the number of payments is increasing, a lot of new security procedures become available. These procedures enable better security for accessing data and tranzactions.

Having the industry knowledge, Feitian provides with a strong two-factor authentication solution for vendors, mobile operators and financial companies involved in this system of payment by smartphone. Adding an OTP Token to the mobile application you can protect system against theft and phishing attacks. You can also be assured that only authorized persons can have access to monetary tranzactions and the involved parties in the tranzactions can be trusted.

Retail operations
The retail industry is confronting with an accelerated presure from the global competitors. Whether is implemented at the company's headquarters or in the storage spaces or stores, choosing the appropriate IT solution for securing the access to information is critical for any retail company. Therefore, the IT managers are concern about how to efficiently secure information and manage resources, while reducing the operational costs. Usually the retail industry search for a solution with flexible implementation and two-factor autentication.

Feitian provides with a comprehensive solution for deploying two-factor autentication which can be combined with functions for increasing productivity in a secure environment such as Single-Sign On or mobile OTP autentication. Using the OTP Tokens assures security against hackers and identity theft. This solid security method against unauthorized access is very important for the retail industry.

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